Discover online collections in an entirely new way.


Pictoscope is a visual discovery service that generates compelling image content capable of instantly improving access to digitized books, artwork and online collections.

Why Use Pictoscope?

In today's online environment, less popular but essential content is at times lost, hidden in the depths of the Deep Web.

Pictoscope's visual discovery index connects patrons directly to important openly available collections and content that otherwise remain overlooked and underused.

Pictoscope Discovery Services

Pictoscope's visual discovery services are revolutionizing research by opening a new window onto historical archives. Through keyword searches and thumbnail returns, Pictoscope products generate a new vision of humanities and social science research.

Pictoscope Views (BookView, OpenView and ArtView) represent Pictoscope’s essential collection areas and help to further improve patron access to books, images and art.


Art, artists and world renowned art collections are brought together through the power of Pictoscope's ArtView. More than simple images, dates and names of artists and their masterworks, ArtView connects the world's great masterpieces with their holding institutions, history and corresponding contextual resources. This product provides researchers unrivaled access to the online collections of hundreds of museums and institutions around the world.



See electronic books in an entirely new way with BookView. This innovative visualization technology allows patrons, for the first time ever, to browse page after page of historical illustrations, images and other visual data generated directly from the digitized historical archive. A simple click then places them in the center of essential online content hosted by institutional collections around the world.



Visualize a new world of online information with Pictoscope's OpenView. This visual discovery service is without limitation, providing hundreds of thousands of opportunities to discover and better understand existing online image collections hosted and made available by libraries, universities, museums and nonprofit organizations around the world.


Designed to Excel

Welcome to the visual archive. Pictoscope was designed to forever change the way we think about access to electronic books, collections and archives.

The site’s designers have simplified research by keeping things simple, easy to use and visually elegant. Attention was paid to small details designed to eliminate traditional barriers and bring into focus the visual patrimony of the world’s greatest books, artwork and online collections. If a picture is worth a thousand words, we hope you enjoy what you will see with Pictoscope.

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